Volcano Bay is Open!

On May 25, 2017, Volcano Bay opened up in Orlando, FL. I saw the opening ceremony of the park and let me just say this park looks amazing!!! I was hoping that Universal Studios would come out with a new park and this one is just as amazing as their other two parks in Orlando. Volcano Bay has many new rides that just amaze me in what they look like. Universal Studios did an amazing job on this park and I hope that I will get to visit it this summer will make the whole week better!

My question to you my clients is…When you go to a Waterpark..what is a MUST do while there? Mine is definitely the Lazy River! I could spend all day in there and the wave pool!

New Destinations!

I recently went to training for Sandals & Beaches Resorts and am now a Certified Sandals & Beaches Specialist! Sandals and Beaches Resorts are all-inclusive! That means that your food, drinks and water sports are all included!!! How amazing is that?

In addition to being able to book Sandals and Beaches Resorts, I am now offering Universal Studios Packages and tickets. And SeaWorld and Busch Gardens as well! I mean let’s be honest those are so pretty amazing destinations and make great family vacations for all!

I remember when I was younger going to Busch Gardens Williamsburg, VA for many summers! We either went camping or we stayed in a resort. Either way great memories were made there! Another big annoucement is I am going to Universal Studios in June! I have been there back in 1998 but haven’t been back since! I would love to be able to book you and your family for a vacation at Universal Studios! Plus they have a new waterpark opening up on May 25, 2017!!! This is like no other waterpark and will have to be checked out for sure! Let me help you out on all your traveling needs!

Carnival Cruises!!!

Did you know that I can now book Carnival Cruises? How exciting is that? I have been working hard and trying to accommodate everyone who is looking for a cruise but didn’t want to do a Disney Cruise! I’m also in the process of getting certified through Sandals Resorts as well! So many good changes happening in my travel agency business and I hope that I am able to help you find the right vacation for you and your family or spouse! There are a lot of good promotions out there and I don’t want you to miss out on them! If you’re interested in taking a cruise please allow me to help you out!

Royal Caribbean & Celebrity Cruises!

Good news for all of my clients, new and current ones! I have been working on several new things such as new destinations for you to travel to in the past week or so. I am now officially Certified to Book Royal Caribbean Cruises and Celebrity Cruises! I have completed all of the necessary requirements to be able to book them and I am so excited about it too!

I have more destinations in the works so don’t worry if you don’t see somewhere you’d like to travel to! I decided to start the journey to help build my business but to also give you a variety of destinations for you to travel to besides Disney and Universal Studios! Many don’t want to go to those locations and that is OK.

With Royal Caribbean Cruises there are so many new places that you can travel to and it’s so amazing because as your travel agent, I can help you get to those new places where you have never been to! Did you know that Royal Caribbean and Celebrity Cruises are both Autism Friendly too? This is a big thing for me since my daughter has Autism Spectrum Disorder. We are always looking for new things to do with her and this might be a new destination for even us to travel to!

I am now considered an Expert Plus Travel Agent with Royal Caribbean and I have completed the 5 Star Academy with Celebrity Cruises! If you’d like a brochure or a free quote please let me know! I am always here to help you out and make your vacations happen!




Summer Cruise?


Are you a family who is looking for a summer vacation this year? Why not take a Disney Cruise? Right now I am offering to all my clients and readers who book a Disney Cruise this summer that sails for 4 nights or longer a $25 Disney Gift Card to use while they are on board the ship! How awesome is that?


Must book by April 15, 2017 to get this amazing deal! Not sure where to travel to? How about to the Bahamas or to the Caribbean! Plus did you know that starting in the month of June you can take a 5 Night Cruise to the Bahamas if you didn’t want to sail for 7 nights! That is amazing! Contact me today at charlotte@mainstreetmagicllc.com or comment on this post and let’s get you booked for your family vacation!

Disney Cruise Line: The Dream


Since Disney released it’s latest promotion, I have been asked why should we cruise with Disney Cruise Lines? Well let me answer that for you now! When you sail with Disney Cruise Lines, you are getting one of the best vacations you can take! I was very lucky to enjoy the Disney Dream Ship that sails to the Bahamas on a 3 or 4 night cruise and have fallen in love with the ship! The details are impeccable and the crew mates on the ship are so helpful! Being able to tour the ship, has made me want to cruise and enjoy a few days with my family. Here are a few things that you will love with the ship!

  • Free Soda, Tea & Juice on the Pool Deck which is awesome because I for one do not want to pay extra for any kind of drink besides alcoholic drinks!
  • There is a fun Sail Away Party on board for all those to enjoy! (I didn’t get to see but wishes I could have seen it!)
  • There are so much for kids and parents to enjoy while on the boat! No one will be bored at all!
  • The amount of entertainment that the ship offers to all you will be plenty entertained! There are movies to watch aboard the ship and the shows are absolutely amazing!
  • The food, oh the food is amazing and you will not be disappointed in the food options you have aboard the ship! When I toured the Disney Dream I was completely blown away by the amount of food that is offered and by the quality of the food as well. Wow is all I can say. And I mean who doesn’t want unlimited food while on vacation? I know I love food and that is all!
  • The Kids Clubs are so neat and there is one for little ones, and there are ones for the teens so no one can say they can’t find anything to do while on board the ship.
  • The staterooms are perfect too and that is a wonderful thing too because who doesn’t like the extra space that the Disney Cruise Line has to offer?
  • There are two special restaurants just for adults called Remy & Palo! Both cost extra but the experience would make it all worth while for those special celebrations like anniversaries and more.
  • There is a nursery for the little ones who aren’t old enough to go into the kids clubs with the older siblings. There is an additional fee for this but if you want to spend a few hours on deck and get some sun or want to go to Palo or Remy then this is perfect for you and your family!

The experience all over is just perfect for anyone who is looking to enjoy their family vacation! Just spend as much time as you’d like to!

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Are you ready to book your first cruise or want to know more about sailing on the Disney Cruise Line then comment below or send me an email at charlotte@mainstreetmagicllc.com today! This is a vacation that you will want to keep booking!

New Promotion on Cruise


Have you been wanting to take a Disney Cruise, but haven’t been wanting to pay the full deposit when you book? Then this deal is the one for you!

If you have never taken a cruise, I want to say that the opportunities are so much on board the ship. Not only will you get to have fun, go to amazing places, but also you will be able to see new movies on board the ship as well! Right now Rogue One is playing onboard and I think that is amazing! I mean who wouldn’t want to board a ship, take a 7 night cruise and relax and enjoy the sun? I personally know that I would want to do that instead of taking a trip to Disney World one year. But if you currently book a Disney Cruise with me from now until Feb. 2017, you will receive 50% OFF your Deposit due at booking! This can be such a money saving way to book your cruise!

The food is unlimited, the soda’s are unlimited, the ice cream is unlimited! Order room service at night and get Mickey Head Bars! Allow your children to go into the Kids Clubs and enjoy some alone time with your spouse! The possibilities are endless on a cruise! Email me today to book your cruise or fill out a Disney Cruise Line Quote Request Form today!

Is The Deluxe Dining Plan Worth It?

I have been asked a lot if the Deluxe Dining Plan at Walt Disney World is worth the price and I have to say that yes it is! Ever since I started going with my husband back in 2011, we have gotten the Deluxe Dining Plan. He loves to eat and well I love to hoard the snack credits until the end of the trip. We did realize that it is a lot of food, but we like having the option to either eat at a Table Service Meal or a Quick Service Meal each day! We love having the opportunity to eat 3 meals a day if we wanted to…or if we wanted to have a late breakfast and a dinner at a signature dining restaurant meal.

We have only gotten the Disney Dining Plan once for a quick weekend trip and for that trip it was enough food. But for a week long trip and if you are foodies like we are, maybe the Deluxe Dining Plan is for you and your family! Here are some of the reasons and perks of getting the Deluxe Dining Plan with your vacation package:

  1. 3 Meals a day if you choose to or if your not a breakfast person, then maybe an early lunch and a meal that takes two dining credits.
  2. You can eat at either a table service meal or you can choose quick service as your meal.
  3. You can eat at restaurants such as Cinderella’s Royal Table, California Grill or do a dining show like Hoop-Dee-Doo Musical Revue at Fort Wilderness!
  4. If you want all meals to be character meals then you can.
  5. When you sit down at a lunch or dinner meal that is a table service meal then you get an appetizer, entree, dessert and a non-alcoholic drink!
  6. You will never go hungry on this plan since you are walking a lot while on vacation!
  7. You get 2 snack credits per night which is amazing.
  8. You can do all buffet meals if you want.
  9. You don’t have to worry about how many dining credits you have or using too many to eat at a signature dining restaurant.
  10. You can enjoy different restaurants each meal!

The choices are wonderful and honestly I always suggest this meal plan! The one thing that you do have to worry about is tipping if you eat at a Table Service Meal but you will never go hungry on this meal plan either! And if you go during the Free Dining and stay at a Moderate or Deluxe Resort, you can upgrade from the Disney Dining Plan to the Deluxe Dining Plan! We have as a family eaten at a lot of new restaurants while having this plan and I love to wait until the last day to get all of our snack credits so we can have treats for the road home!

If you are interested in booking your Disney Vacation today, contact me today and let’s book your trip!

Rafiki’s Planet Watch

Have you ever done Rafiki’s Planet Watch in Disney’s Animal Kingdom? It not then you are missing out on a hidden gem within the park. Not many know about it and it seems to be overlooked by many! This is a must do each time we go to the park because my daughter loves animals and she wants to work with animals one day! Here are some of the main things that you are missing out for when you skip Rafiki’s Planet Watch…


  1. Rafiki’s Planet Watch is actually an Animal Conservation Station!
  2. Good for all ages! But if you have small children this is a great alternative since most aren’t able to ride the “big” rides.
  3. Hop on a train to get to the conservation and strollers are welcome! Just make sure that you fold them before you head over to where the wild animals are!
  4. There are 10 different care centers you can explore while there but here are just a few that we like to take part in:
    1. Animal Encounter Stage (you get to meet different kinds of animals there. Olivia has met a rabbit, a hedgehog and a few others while we visited there.)
    2. Song of the Rainforest (Join Grandma Willow and see a 3D Audio Journey)
    3. Veterinary Treatment Room (Olivia loves this one because who doesn’t like to see the animals from the safari and around the park to get worked on. Such a cool experience here!)
    4. Backstage Tour (very cool to spy through and see the different habitats that animals live in.)
    5. Eco-Web (discover what happens around the country to help save the animals.)
    6. Nutrition Center (Watch as handlers prepare the food for the animals around the park. This is very cool and Olivia loves this one!)
    7. Amphibian, Reptile and Invertebrate Windows (only my child would love the snakes I think but this is very cool!)
    8. Science Center (Take a look around and see what happens backstage on many things.)
  5. There is an Affection Center which is an actual a petting zoo and this is a great family activity to do! We have to do this each visit! I mean who doesn’t want to pet a little donkey or a goat?

No matter what your age is or if you like animals or love them…this is a great family thing to do! Even my husband and I did this while on our honeymoon without our daughter! So if you are looking to do more than just ride the rides, check out Rafiki’s Planet Watch!

Are you ready to book your trip today? Click on Free Quote to get started today!

Disney Holiday Baking at Home



Do you like to make sweet treats at home during the holidays? Man…I’m a guilty at making homemade treats and doing a lot of baking during the holiday’s. My Kitchen aid Mixer sure does get a lot of use during these few months and it’s always fun to try a new recipe each year from the Parks. I love to do some special treats while I am at home since most years we’re unable to head to the parks for the Holidays. Some of the treats that I have made and plan to make each year to continue our Disney addiction are listed below. What a great time of the year to make sure your kids get to be involved in the holiday baking too!

Here is a list of the treats that we make each year and it will have a link that we got the recipes from as well.

  • Main Street Bakery (Magic Kingdom) Cinnamon Rolls & Frosting: These were a huge hit in our household and we have to make them each year. Even though it might seem like they take forever to make…they are absolutely amazing! A must have on Christmas Morning in our household!
  • Beach Club Resorts Gingerbread Cookies: These are a must in our household! We of course just do the Mickey Head shaped ones or we do regular gingerbread men instead but these hands down are amazing! I have a book that has the recipe but to find online this is the one to make!
  • Rice Cream from Norway: This recipe is very similar to one that my Nana used to make except she would use cherries instead of strawberries. My Nana used to make Rice Cream or Rice Pudding year round but would only add the fruit during the holiday’s to make them prettier. Always a tradition to make at home year round!
  • Sugar Cookies: We always make sugar cookies each year but this year we are planning on using a different recipe to try. So this year our sugar cookies will be lots of different shapes but my favorite shape is going to be Mickey Heads!

Some extra DIY crafts that we do during the holiday season is we make, salt dough ornaments of course Disney themed, ornaments, and making crafts for gifts. I last made this glass block for my daughter’s room but it was super easy and fun to make! I just used my Silhouette Cameo 2 to cut the vinyl and added it to a glass block that I got from Hobby Lobby. This was super easy and yet fun to do. Some of our family members have already gotten a few of these homemade gifts from us and they better be prepared to get more this Christmas!

I am offering to all new clients and old clients who book with me from now until December 31, 2016 a 2017 Walt Disney World travel Package a $25 Disney Gift Card to use while you are on your vacation! I will send to you with your final documents! Please contact me Charlotte Strickland at charlotte@mainstreetmagicllc.com to get your trip booked!

**Please note: to be eligible for this promotion you must book your trip and have paid the required $200 down payment by 12/31/16. You must book $1000 or greater that includes room and tickets and/or dining.