Universal Studios Orlando

Last month I went to Universal Studios Orlando for the first time since 1998 when it was only Universal Orlando! Way back before There was Islands of Adventure or even Volcano Bay! I have to say it’s has changed quite a bit since then and for the better! I will say I was a little upset when I went because I wanted to ride the Twister ride but that has been long gone for years now. I was happy that E.T. was still there and Olivia found it creepy as all! 

We were able to take advantage of using the Attraction Assistance Pass because my daughter needed it. She has Austim Spectrum Disorder and so going to parks during the summer has always been a struggle for her. She normally can’t handle it because she can’t wait in long lines at all. She also has sensory issues and so some of the rides just weren’t going to do with her. We went to Guest Services which is right by the front entrance and was able to get the pass. There were several people who were turned away from the pass due to them saying things that they could tell were untrue. I actually came into the park with my daughters paperwork from the doctors. It was also a very hot day and needless to say many people weren’t happy to be there. The AAP allowed us to go into the express pass lines if the wait time was 30 minutes or less and if it was longer than that then we were given a time to come back and enjoy the ride. We were pretty lucky and didn’t have to wait out for a ride except for one ride but it was closed due to bad weather. 

We did enjoy some snacks while we’re there and we enjoyed a giant donut that was delicious!!! We shared it but I’m gonna be honest I could have eaten all by myself! The best deal for the day was we got a refillable mug for $14 each and we got free refills on soda and icees all day long! Couldn’t have asked for a better deal and I’m the long run it saved us a ton of money there alone! This is something I highly recommend for anyone who doesn’t want to spend a ton of money on drinks for the day they are there. 

And if you want to visit the Wizarding World of Harry Potter and want to ride Hogwarts Express then you will need a Park to Park ticket so you can go to both parks. We enjoyed our time in that area and my daughter and niece loved the theming but my daughter was having meltdowns due to the amount of people packed in there. 

The rides were really fun and while we only got to ride a few it was nice to just hang out for a while. The one complaint that I have is that most of the thrill rides are not “fluffy” friendly. Now I’m not a big person by any means but I have to say after being pushed down into one of the rides so that I could ride with my daughter. And they only have one seat on the thrill rides for larger people. But that was my only complaint for the whole trip there. I highly suggest this park if you love Harry Potter! 
If you are interested in going to Orlando and head to Universal Studios Orlando please email me at charlotte@mainstreetmagicllc.com to get your Free Quote or to book your package. 


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