Royal Caribbean & Celebrity Cruises!

Good news for all of my clients, new and current ones! I have been working on several new things such as new destinations for you to travel to in the past week or so. I am now officially Certified to Book Royal Caribbean Cruises and Celebrity Cruises! I have completed all of the necessary requirements to be able to book them and I am so excited about it too!

I have more destinations in the works so don’t worry if you don’t see somewhere you’d like to travel to! I decided to start the journey to help build my business but to also give you a variety of destinations for you to travel to besides Disney and Universal Studios! Many don’t want to go to those locations and that is OK.

With Royal Caribbean Cruises there are so many new places that you can travel to and it’s so amazing because as your travel agent, I can help you get to those new places where you have never been to! Did you know that Royal Caribbean and Celebrity Cruises are both Autism Friendly too? This is a big thing for me since my daughter has Autism Spectrum Disorder. We are always looking for new things to do with her and this might be a new destination for even us to travel to!

I am now considered an Expert Plus Travel Agent with Royal Caribbean and I have completed the 5 Star Academy with Celebrity Cruises! If you’d like a brochure or a free quote please let me know! I am always here to help you out and make your vacations happen!





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