Disney Cruise Line: The Dream


Since Disney released it’s latest promotion, I have been asked why should we cruise with Disney Cruise Lines? Well let me answer that for you now! When you sail with Disney Cruise Lines, you are getting one of the best vacations you can take! I was very lucky to enjoy the Disney Dream Ship that sails to the Bahamas on a 3 or 4 night cruise and have fallen in love with the ship! The details are impeccable and the crew mates on the ship are so helpful! Being able to tour the ship, has made me want to cruise and enjoy a few days with my family. Here are a few things that you will love with the ship!

  • Free Soda, Tea & Juice on the Pool Deck which is awesome because I for one do not want to pay extra for any kind of drink besides alcoholic drinks!
  • There is a fun Sail Away Party on board for all those to enjoy! (I didn’t get to see but wishes I could have seen it!)
  • There are so much for kids and parents to enjoy while on the boat! No one will be bored at all!
  • The amount of entertainment that the ship offers to all you will be plenty entertained! There are movies to watch aboard the ship and the shows are absolutely amazing!
  • The food, oh the food is amazing and you will not be disappointed in the food options you have aboard the ship! When I toured the Disney Dream I was completely blown away by the amount of food that is offered and by the quality of the food as well. Wow is all I can say. And I mean who doesn’t want unlimited food while on vacation? I know I love food and that is all!
  • The Kids Clubs are so neat and there is one for little ones, and there are ones for the teens so no one can say they can’t find anything to do while on board the ship.
  • The staterooms are perfect too and that is a wonderful thing too because who doesn’t like the extra space that the Disney Cruise Line has to offer?
  • There are two special restaurants just for adults called Remy & Palo! Both cost extra but the experience would make it all worth while for those special celebrations like anniversaries and more.
  • There is a nursery for the little ones who aren’t old enough to go into the kids clubs with the older siblings. There is an additional fee for this but if you want to spend a few hours on deck and get some sun or want to go to Palo or Remy then this is perfect for you and your family!

The experience all over is just perfect for anyone who is looking to enjoy their family vacation! Just spend as much time as you’d like to!

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Are you ready to book your first cruise or want to know more about sailing on the Disney Cruise Line then comment below or send me an email at charlotte@mainstreetmagicllc.com today! This is a vacation that you will want to keep booking!