New Promotion on Cruise


Have you been wanting to take a Disney Cruise, but haven’t been wanting to pay the full deposit when you book? Then this deal is the one for you!

If you have never taken a cruise, I want to say that the opportunities are so much on board the ship. Not only will you get to have fun, go to amazing places, but also you will be able to see new movies on board the ship as well! Right now Rogue One is playing onboard and I think that is amazing! I mean who wouldn’t want to board a ship, take a 7 night cruise and relax and enjoy the sun? I personally know that I would want to do that instead of taking a trip to Disney World one year. But if you currently book a Disney Cruise with me from now until Feb. 2017, you will receive 50% OFF your Deposit due at booking! This can be such a money saving way to book your cruise!

The food is unlimited, the soda’s are unlimited, the ice cream is unlimited! Order room service at night and get Mickey Head Bars! Allow your children to go into the Kids Clubs and enjoy some alone time with your spouse! The possibilities are endless on a cruise! Email me today to book your cruise or fill out a Disney Cruise Line Quote Request Form today!


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