Rafiki’s Planet Watch

Have you ever done Rafiki’s Planet Watch in Disney’s Animal Kingdom? It not then you are missing out on a hidden gem within the park. Not many know about it and it seems to be overlooked by many! This is a must do each time we go to the park because my daughter loves animals and she wants to work with animals one day! Here are some of the main things that you are missing out for when you skip Rafiki’s Planet Watch…


  1. Rafiki’s Planet Watch is actually an Animal Conservation Station!
  2. Good for all ages! But if you have small children this is a great alternative since most aren’t able to ride the “big” rides.
  3. Hop on a train to get to the conservation and strollers are welcome! Just make sure that you fold them before you head over to where the wild animals are!
  4. There are 10 different care centers you can explore while there but here are just a few that we like to take part in:
    1. Animal Encounter Stage (you get to meet different kinds of animals there. Olivia has met a rabbit, a hedgehog and a few others while we visited there.)
    2. Song of the Rainforest (Join Grandma Willow and see a 3D Audio Journey)
    3. Veterinary Treatment Room (Olivia loves this one because who doesn’t like to see the animals from the safari and around the park to get worked on. Such a cool experience here!)
    4. Backstage Tour (very cool to spy through and see the different habitats that animals live in.)
    5. Eco-Web (discover what happens around the country to help save the animals.)
    6. Nutrition Center (Watch as handlers prepare the food for the animals around the park. This is very cool and Olivia loves this one!)
    7. Amphibian, Reptile and Invertebrate Windows (only my child would love the snakes I think but this is very cool!)
    8. Science Center (Take a look around and see what happens backstage on many things.)
  5. There is an Affection Center which is an actual a petting zoo and this is a great family activity to do! We have to do this each visit! I mean who doesn’t want to pet a little donkey or a goat?

No matter what your age is or if you like animals or love them…this is a great family thing to do! Even my husband and I did this while on our honeymoon without our daughter! So if you are looking to do more than just ride the rides, check out Rafiki’s Planet Watch!

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