Top 10 Reasons for Staying at a Walt Disney World Resort

IMG_1736 Top 10 Reasons Resort.jpg

I’m often asked why I stay at a Walt Disney World Resort and I often reply with the following because I love Disney World so much. But there are many other reasons as of why I stay on-site and some of the benefits are quite amazing!

  1. You do not have to pay for parking!! Paying to park in the parks these days can be very expensive and if you are like me, I want to save as much money as I can. The fee to park now is $20 a day in the parks and so if you are staying off Disney property and you are visiting Disney World for a week and you park for say 5 days, you have just spent $100 just in parking.
  1. You can use the complimentary Disney Transportation offered. Disney Resorts have complimentary transportation. They offer Busses, Monorail and Boats depending on what Disney Resort you are staying at. So basically once you arrive at your resort if you don’t want to drive to the parks you don’t have to! I love staying at a Disney Resort because of this option!!
  1. You get extra time in the parks! The benefits of staying in a Disney World Resort is that you will either get an hour early in a Disney Theme Park or a Disney Theme Park will stay open 2 hours late for those staying in a Disney Resort. If you are not a Disney Resort Guest, you will be required to leave. The benefit of being able to stay during Extra Magic Hours is that you can continue ride your favorite rides and shop if that is what you chose to do. We take advantage of the shorter ride lines on our favorite rides.
  1. If you fly, Disney will pick you up at the airport for free and bring you to the resort & return you to the airport at the end of your vacation. I love taking advantage of using Disney’s Magical Express when flying into Orlando International Airport (MCO). Disney will pick me up at the Airport free of charge and will return you back to the airport when your vacation is over. The one thing that I love is that Disney will send you luggage tags for your luggage and when you check into the airport for you to fly down, your luggage will be delivered to your room at your resort a few hours after you arrive at your Disney Resort. I do suggest though packing a carry-on with a few things just in case you have dining reservation or if you’d like to go swimming.
  1. Staying at a Disney Resort does qualify you for a Dining Plan! If you are staying at a Disney Resort, it does quality you to get a Disney Dining plan. There are several different dining plans that you can get. If you aren’t staying on property, you don’t qualify!
  1. When you stay at a Disney Resort, you will receive a Magic band. A Disney Magic Band took the place of the “Key to your World” and gets you into your hotel room, gets you into the parks, gets you into your Fastpasses (which Fastpasses are available to everyone), gets you onto rides during Extra Magic Hours (EMH), allows you to charge things to your room, and if you have the dining plan allows you to use the dining plan and access your snack credits and get your refillable mugs. You have the choice to choose from 8 different colors of Blue, Gray, Orange, Yellow, Pink, Red, Green and now Purple! If you don’t choose then you will be given the standard color of Gray.
  1. If you purchase anything within the parks, Disney Springs you can have it delivered to your resort (free of charge). I love this service because I don’t like having to carry my purchases around with me all day long especially if I purchase it in the morning. I just go to the gift shop with my receipt and pick it up normally the next day.
  1. Resort Hopping is Free! The benefits of staying in a Disney Resort is that you can visit any Disney Resort and you can Resort Hop! I love going to visit the resort and do what a lot of other people call as “resort hopping” by riding the monorail or walking to different resorts to see what they look like and see what I like about them. Each resort has a theme and they are each different so going to see what each resort has is pretty cool. Plus, it’s free just to do it if you have some extra time to do it.
  1. Staying at a Disney Resort allows more time in the park! Staying at a Disney Resort allows you more time in the parks! Reason being is you are closer to the parks and you have more access to the parks. If you find that you are tired during the middle of the day, just take a bus back to your resort, relax by the pool, then go back to the parks for dinner and enjoy time for extra magic hours for the night.
  1. Magic is always there! Staying at a Disney Resort there is always magic around!!!

If you would like to book your Disney Vacation at a Disney Resort please contact me at and I would be more than happy to work with you. I will plan everything out for you including all your meals if you get the meal plan and will book all your Fastpasses for you. It’s a Stress Free Planning Vacation for you! Let the Magic Begin on this vacation planning!


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