Welcome Home

From the first moment that you step foot or drive through the big pearly gates of the main gate for Walt Disney World you feel like you are at home! This is the place where dreams come true for many whether you are a child or an adult! I believe that when Walt started planning for Walt Disney World, he had himself and his family in his mind.

Each year that I continue to come back to Walt Disney World, I always find something new that I fall in love with! It could be a new ride, or even an old ride that in the past I didn’t care for or even a new food. I have been to Disney World many times in my life started actually when I was just a few weeks old with my parents and grandparents. Who knew that my love for Disney would allow me to help make others “dream” vacations come true! Each time I pass through and under the main gate, I get teary eyed and then when I step into my favorite park, Magic Kingdom, I get tears each time that I see Main Street and the Castle. The Castle brings back good memories for myself and my family and it holds a special piece to the puzzle in my heart.

But Magic Kingdom isn’t the only park that has special memories for many. There is Epcot, Animal Kingdom and Hollywood Studios. There is also two waterparks: Typhoon Lagoon and Blizzard Beach to enjoy and much more. As you read more into this blog, you will get lot’s of helpful hints, ideas and how I can help you in making your family vacations a fond memory that you will never forget!!